Saturday, June 25, 2016

PTSD Veteran Waited Days After Calling Crisis Line

Veterans Crisis Line following 48 hour response time
By Tiffaney Bradley, Reporter
June 22nd 2016

A veteran who fought in two combat tours said he was left neglected when he needed help the most. He called a crisis hotline but didn't get a response for days.

Benjamin Burks is a proud Marine.

"I did two combat tours to Iraq,” said Burks.

Now, he said he's fighting another war, post-traumatic stress disorder.

When he needed someone to talk to, he called the Veterans Crisis Line but didn't hear back for two days.

"I called back the next day which was past the 24 hours they said they would call back,” said Burks. “And,I waited another 24 hours and they did call.”

Burks worries the long wait time could be devastating for someone suffering from P.T.S.D.

"Why is there a 24-hour waiting period for somebody that could be or going to harm their self," said Burks.

Crisis Services of North Alabama is listed as a resource agency on the Veterans Crisis Line's website but there's no affiliation.
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