Saturday, June 4, 2016

UK Navy Veteran Standoff With Police

Combat caused PTSD does not just happen here in the US. It happens to humans no matter what country they serve to defend. Civilians benefit from what they fought for in order to have this wound treated. After all, Trauma is Greek for wound. It is something that happened to them and they survived. It is an ancient wound. It has been described in some of the first printed words including the pages of the Bible, especially within the Psalms of David.

What has never been explained is, how is it that most humans know so little about it when everyone seems to be talking about it?

There are far too many claiming they are raising awareness about PTSD and suicides yet none of them have the ability to truly do anything to change what has been happening. Why? Simply because they do quick searches, find the number "22" and never bother to do anymore research. How important is it when they can't even bother to invest the time in understanding it? They are unprepared and the results show how little they actually know.

When asked simple basic questions they should have known before they even began to publicize themselves, they give the wrong answers. When asked if they are prepared for an encounter with a veteran in crisis, they have not even thought about it. They are not ready to make anything better or help a veteran when they are losing everything in the process.

They will talk about PTSD but never mention what comes with it when normal life happens to deliver more trauma. It happened in the UK with a standoff between a veteran and police officers.
Chris Taylor, prosecuting, said Emerson’s mental health issues were compounded by the break-up of his marriage.

He said: “Added to these problems was that he lived next door to his ex mother-in-law. His ex-wife would still attend at the property with her new partner and children.

“All these circumstances added together to provide a very tense situation.”

PTSD is followed by a series of misfortunate events because they did not get the proper help. That is what everyone needs to know in all of this. So when do we start to make surviving be more of a blessing instead of it feeling like a curse?
Former Navy officer threatened to shoot police during armed siege in “suicide by cop” attempt
Mirror UK
4 JUN 2016

Neil Emerson threatened to shoot police during a five-hour armed siege in a “suicide by cop” attempt
An ex-Royal Navy officer wearing a gas mask and threatened to shoot police during a five-hour armed siege in a “suicide by cop” attempt.

Neil Emerson, who was suffering post traumatic stress disorder, brandished an axe after calling officers to his home in Waterloo, Merseyside, at around 5.30pm on March 7 this year, the Liverpool Echo reported.

Liverpool Crown Court heard he yelled: “I’m wearing Kevlar so you will have to shoot me in the head when you come in here to get me.”

He then shouted: “I’ve got an SLR [self-loading rifle] and I’m going to take potshots at you – you won’t even see it coming.”

Emerson had earlier dialled 999 and told an operator: “I’ve set the house up. I’m ready for youse. Come and get me. I’m going to kill youse.”

The 52-year-old, of Oxford Drive, added: “You’ve got my number, you’ve got my name, so come and get me. Tell them to come in heavy.”
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