Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fort Campbell Soldier Asked For PTSD Help, Got Busted in Rank

Fort Campbell Wife says Husband with PTSD got Demoted after Asking for Help
FOX 17 Nashville

By Sabrina Hall
JULY 11TH 2016

"It's not because the help is not there. It's that they are too afraid and this is why they're afraid because this is what's happening to people. They are getting in trouble for getting help." Felicia Miller
FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. -- A wife of a Fort Campbell soldier is calling for change.

She says soldiers should be able to ask for help without getting in trouble. Her husband has PTSD and got demoted for having homicidal thoughts.

According to documents, the soldier went to the emergency room on post to get help and the doctor reported what he said to his superiors.

"The reduction in rank was immediate," Felicia Miller, the soldier's wife, said.

Documents show the hospital incident happened in late December and the demotion was finalized in early May

Miller says her husband was diagnosed with development PTSD after his first tour in Afghanistan in 2013. In December, she says, he started having homicidal and suicidal thoughts and she immediately took him to the hospital.
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  1. Can't even begin to say how angry this makes me. My heart and prayers go out to this soldier and his family.

    Debbie Griffin

    1. Sounds all too familiar,,,,,just no reason for any of this. No honorable reason anyway.


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