Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Salt Lake City Marine Veteran Victim of Stolen Valor

Former Marine has uniform, medals stolen by man posing as fellow Marine vet
KSL News

By Nicole Vowell
Posted Jul 4th, 2016

The man who goes by the name of "Michael Manning," posing as a former Marine veteran. (KSL TV)
SALT LAKE CITY — With a decade of service fighting on the front lines, Marine veteran Kurt Harris was stationed all over the world.

“Dominican Republic, Africa, Ethiopia, Panama, Peru, Kuwait and Iraq,” said Harris.

About six months ago, Harris said he met a man who goes by the name of Michael Manning at a gym in downtown Salt Lake City.

“We became friends on the shared bond of being in the military together,” Harris said.

So this past week when his fellow "Marine" vet needed a place to stay, Harris opened his home without hesitation.

“I said, ‘Sure, my couch is open. You can crash there as long as you need,’” Harris said.

But he quickly discovered Manning had other plans.

“When those were gone, it just felt like the last decade was just robbed just right out from under me,” Harris said.

After being robbed, Harris took to Facebook. That's when the messages started rolling in. Harris found out he apparently wasn't the only one duped by dishonor.
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