Sunday, July 3, 2016

There's a feud within the veterans community

Every member of the House is up for re-election. If they support privatizing the VA that means they did not care about the job they were elected to do. The House has had jurisdiction over the VA and how veterans are taken care of since 1946. 

If it is a mess, it is their fault and all the others before them. If veterans suffer, it is their fault because it looks like all they wanted to do was hand over our veterans to the same for profit groups the rest of us have to deal with. Oh, by the way, the same ones operating under the Affordable Healthcare Act they all say does not work. Yet one more thing they'd rather kill than fix.

Make them do their jobs or elect others to do it and earn their paychecks instead of passing on the suffering to our veterans!
There's a feud within the veterans community, and it's starting to get ugly
Military Times

Leo Shane III
July 3, 2016

Officials from Concerned Veterans for America, the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars pose with then-House Speaker John Boehner during an April 2014 meeting with lawmakers on VA reform proposals. (Photo: Courtesy of the office of the Speaker of the House)
A controversial veterans advocacy group is gaining clout in Congress but appears to be losing credibility with fellow veterans lobbyists.

The group is called Concerned Veterans for America, and its ties to conservative causes and funders have drawn criticism since its founding five years ago. For the most part, CVA's leaders have managed to balance those attacks by establishing public working relationships with several major veterans organizations.

But in recent weeks, even those arrangements have deteriorated.

The most recent divorce came in June, when the American Legion, whose leaders just a few months ago were working closely with CVA on efforts to reform the Veterans Affairs Department, sent a letter to lawmakers in which they characterized CVA's leaders as politically motivated “mouthpieces whose focus is to leverage the military veterans community to achieve selfish gains.”
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