Friday, July 8, 2016

Veterans Choice Was Fix the VA

Congress complaining VA not taking care of veterans? 

We've been down this road before. Looking more like circles all the time.
"This bill includes many other important health care provisions. For example, H.R. 2116:
• Expands veterans’ eligibility for reimbursement of emergency care costs when VA or other Federal health care facilities are not accessible.

• Extends and expands VA’s authority to provide health care services to victims of sexual trauma.

• Makes more active duty personnel eligible for VA substance dependency treatment.

• Authorizes VA to update the schedule of copayments charged for certain health care benefits to generate additional program funds."
Signed by President Bill Clinton November 30, 1999


  1. My guess is funds were diverted for other social programs just like the current VET CHOICE that doctors wait over a year to be paid. The other problem is fee basis was already in place prior to that and still is in effect. Once again, slow pay by the VA caused Vets to lose on their credit scores for not paying their bills. Tammy Duckworth has introduced legislation to protect the Vets instead of introducing legislation to fully fund the programs with out any other agencies being able to dip into the VA money pot.

    1. Yes but it also shows that it was all being done already. "Expands" "extends" and "makes more" pretty much sums up that none of this was new even in 1999. With nothing new now, what exactly has Congress managed to do right after all these years?


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