Saturday, July 2, 2016

Vietnam Veteran Saved By EMS and Good Samaritan

Vietnam veteran survives stroke thanks to quick EMS response, mysterious Good Samaritan
By: Anjali Hemphill
July 1, 2016

Frankino said this was his third time in his life he has come close to death. A few years ago, he survived cancer. And back in 1967 during the Vietnam War, he was aboard the USS Forrestal. He was part of the crew that helped put out a huge fire on that ship that killed 143 men.
WASHINGTON - A Vietnam veteran visiting Washington D.C. for the Fourth of July came face-to-face with death after having a stroke. His family said if it wasn't for some amazing doctors, the EMS team and a complete stranger, he may not have survived.

Joe Frankino is recovering at George Washington University Hospital surrounded by several family members.
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