Saturday, August 6, 2016

WWP Still Doesn't Get What Accountability Should Be

There is a report on Stars and Stripes about Wounded Warrior Project employees bracing for some layoffs. In the report there was this.
The difference, he said: Wounded Warrior Project invests heavily in fundraising in part because of the scope of services it provides to wounded veterans and their families.
The problem is that no one has addressed the fact that WWP does not "provide" all the help they claim by themselves. They give out donations (grants) to other charities and colleges leaving donors to wonder why WWP assumed they had the right to use their money without providing them the opportunity to say no.

Here are some of the charities getting their money last year.
This cycle’s grant recipients are Catch a Lift Fund (Baltimore, MD), Shepherd Center Foundation (Atlanta, GA) Rocky Mountain Human Services (Colorado Springs, CO), Northeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership (Pender, NE), Western Dairyland Economic Opportunity Council (Independence, WI), Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia (Roanoke, VA), Yellow Ribbon Fund (Bethesda, MD), Colorado State University Foundation (Fort Collins, CO), and David Lynch Foundation (New York, NY).

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