Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sgt. First Class Brian Mancini Lost His Own Battle

Hundreds pay their respects to founder of Honor House veterans organization
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Linda Williams
March 14, 2017
Earlier this month, the man who helped so many took his own life. While shocked, veterans say his death has galvanized them to continue the fight SFC Mancini was so dedicated to.
PHOENIX (KSAZ) - An Iraq war veteran who made it his life's mission to help other troops returning from war has died. Brian Mancini co-founded Honor House, a place where wounded veterans could go for therapy and counseling. But sadly, the man who helped so many others heal couldn't find peace himself.

A retired Sgt. First Class, Mancini was just 38 years old and he left the Honor House organization he founded a year ago.

Mancini, who had two Purple Hearts, worked tirelessly to save veterans who were hurting. On Tuesday, the community came to salute, honor and thank him. With the Patriot Guard standing by, hundreds crowded into the Christ Church of the Valley to say goodbye to the Army veteran. Many here call him hero.

His family is devastated, but also his fellow veterans. He may not have served with them, but they say he saved their lives once they came home mentally and emotionally wounded.

"Brian literally met with me five to seven times a week, gave me a healing, counseled me, he pulled me away from the abyss so many times," said Budd Gilbert, a veteran.
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Sergeant First Class (US Army) Brian Mancini, Veteran Iraqi Freedom, Honor House
Sergeant First Class (US Army) Brian Mancini, Veteran Iraqi Freedom, Honor House from Herbert Hitchon on Vimeo.